Friday, 25 June 2010


On Tuesday evening, I landed back in Blighty after 2 weeks in Kenya, soaking up the African sun and paddling in the Indian Ocean. We had a wonderful time, although, we didn't realise that we were in Kenya's winter, so it did rain a bit but it was warm so it didn't matter too much.

The sunset was beautiful, as was the sunrise.


Kenya was a real eye opener, we had a fantastic time but didn't quite realise what a third world country that it actually was. We saw a Shanty town, where whole families would live in a room which was roughly about 8 x 6 feet, and would pay up to £300 for the privilege. For us, it was incomprehensible, but for them that was the way of life. We met a waiter who's daughter was at a boarding school 40km away from where he lived, it took him 5 hours to get there, a journey which would take us a maximum of 40 minutes.


This was one of the first things that you saw as you left the hotel, "Sainsburys", the people were desperate for any trade, barely getting any money, and most of what they sold was overpriced but they had nothing and desperately needed everything.

The Tusks In Mombassa

Mombassa's most famous land mark, not made of ivory as our guide informed us, however, we'd already seen the sheet metal, they were, though, HUGE!

Spices at the Market

The market was nothing like I'd been in before, the hustle and bustle was unbelievable, but the colours of the spices were amazing.

Local School Children & a 120 year old Giant Tortoise.

The children were lovely, they were on a school trip to Haller Park with their French teacher, they shook our hands and smiled, coming up to us. Their teacher asked us to be in a photo with them, it was such an honour, to know that we'll grace a wall in a Kenyan school, and were a little part of something was amazing. Unfortunately, I was as tall as the children, so you can barely see me over the top of them!

All in all, we had a great time, Kenya is definitely worth a visit, but Europe it ain't.

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