Sunday, 22 August 2010

77.___Anya Hindmarch

I am completely and utterly in love with everything Anya Hindmarch does, as you've seen, her gorgeous bags are already on my A/W wish list. I was being nosey on her website when I came across this; Anya's Little Book AW10, it's brilliant and made me so excited!

I love all of the bags featured, and I was thrilled to see that she's joined Barbour for the season, I'll definitely research that more, hopefully they won't be too extortionate! I can't wait to no longer be a student and to be able to buy some of the wonderful bags!

The Bespoke range is amazing, I'm going to have a look into it, there's some special presents coming up soon! And hopefully, I can drop a few hints in the right direction nearer Christmas! I think the fact that you can personalise some thing for some one is a wonderful, truly touching gift, if The Boyfriend did something like that for me I'd be gob smacked and honoured.

Anya Hindmarch's website is amazing, there is an online shop (Yay!!) and soon the Bespoke shop will be on there, including the beautiful Ebury handbag which is beautiful, although somewhat expensive. The other personalised bags which are available are "Be a Bag" where you can customise a bag with your own picture, I love the idea of that, although, I'd never have a handbag as such but a washbag or make up bag would be brilliant.

I hope you love it as much as I do -

Friday, 20 August 2010

76.____Fit to Practice

This is my friend Mark's blog, he's a medical student, here are his musings about what he studies, it's a really interesting and funny read. He's a very honest, funny writer, who I really admire. Here's the link, have a read.

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

75.___Dorothy Perkins A/W 2010

I really like this collection, especially the back drop, the first and last photos are my favourite, I love the lace and the colours which have been included, lets just wait and see if they appear in the shops.

Monday, 16 August 2010

74.____My Net-A-Porter A/W Wishlist

I've had a brilliant time putting this post together, I love net-a-porter,  although my funds are severely lacking, especially as I went a bit mad on Isabella Oliver's 365 Collection the other day as there was 33% off the new season collection!

Here's what I wish I could afford, and if money was no object and I was no longer a mere student I would definitely splash out on.

The Mulberry Alexa bag, aptly named after the ever stylish Alexa Chung, I love this bag and have lusted after it ever since it was released. The bag does come in two sizes and various colours, but the one above is my favourite, if any one was thinking of buying me one, it'd be that exact one please! It's £695.00 a bargain!

I highly doubt that this Alexander McQueen dress would suit me, I'd have to try it on, but it's not as though I could waltz into Harvey Nics or Harrods and point at that dress and say "That one please, I'll take it!" Unfortunately though, it is an amazing £1495.00!

This is a gorgeous Antik Batik wrap dress, which is a perfect LBD for those who want to stand out from the crowd. Definitely one to look into, which, compared to the Alexander McQueen is a steel at £395.00.

I saw this and just fell in love, I'm a complete travel-aholic, I just can't keep still for long, and this gorgeous satin travel kit from Lanvin seems perfect, although, highly impractical with it being satin it is fairly reasonable as far as Lanvin prices go at a mere £295.00.

I love this Anya Hindmarch cases, they are perfect for any traveller and are so cute! They are fairly reasonably priced at £50.00 each, the gadgets case is a brilliant house for iPods and cameras, while the lips and eyes case makes a lovely make up bag.

These Alexander McQueen shoes are divine, I would treasure them, only wearing it when it's dry and for the very best of occasions, I simply adore them, the only downside is that they are £525.00.
This Marc Jacobs chiffon blouse is amazing, whether it's worn with jeans or a smart pencil skirt, it's a very versatile investment at £490.00.

These 7 for all mankind jeans are perfect to wear with the Marc Jacobs blouse or to wear for a girly lunch, they are a lovely cut, and my favourite shade of denim. They are fairly reasonably priced at £155.00.
Finally, the ultimate accessory of an Alexander McQueen laptop case, it's an amazing case, very stylish look, but unfortunately it's 16 inches whereas my laptop is only 13! It does save me £250!

All images & prices from

Sunday, 15 August 2010

73.____Garry McDonald

My friend Garry McDonald is a brilliant photographer, it's a hobby for him which has turned out pretty well, he's incredibly talented.

The Sacre Coeur in Paris.
Dunstanburgh Castle, Northumbria.

Rape Seed Field.

Banburgh Beach.

His pictures are beautiful, here's his website, all his pictures are available to buy on there, there's a contact button for feedback, which, as we all know is really helpful and definitely appreciated. There's rumours of a book in the pipeline, which I really hope happens, please have a look at his sight, you won't be disappointed.

All images are copyright to Garry McDonald from, one very talented man!

Saturday, 14 August 2010

72.____Miss High Street [dot] com

Miss High Street is a really great website where normal people share their recent purchases and recommend whats new and worth a look on the British High Street. It's a brilliant idea by Hannah, the creator behind it, check her out here whilst the website is here - Here's my fashion bleater page, where I tell the world about what I've bought (that is if they've not read it on here, so apologies for any repeats!) Feel free to have a nosey on over, and create your own bleater!

Friday, 13 August 2010

71.____House of Fraser's New Trends

Having a nosey on HoF's website revealed their new trends for the season. Utilitarian and Artisan for ladies while Matt Smith is being celebrated as the English Eccentric for men's fashion.

I'm a fan of the soldier style coat but the rest I'm not too sure about, especially the shoes, I'm more of a delicate, classic shoe fan, where as they look almost as though they're not quite sure what they're trying to be. I do like the khaki colours though, it helps that the green/brown/beige suits me and goes with red hair.

This is a trend that I'm more a fan of, delicate pieces, silk dresses with a touch of the 1940s about it, I'm a massive scarf fan so I'm thrilled to be able to go shopping with a bigger range to choose from, as I imagining that everyone will be stocking them. Unfortunately I've tried the red lipstick and I look ridiculous, but then, you can't have everything, there's more colours to choose from! I'm loving the 'Lady of the Manor chic' idea, can't wait to have a play and see how it goes!

I loved Matt Smith as the Doctor, and there's something strangely appealing about him, and I'm so pleased the English Eccentric look is being celebrated. I love the quirky look, if only I can get The Boyfriend on the band wagon... He did buy a gorgeous mac (as in the coat not the computer) the other day so maybe we're getting there slowly!

Thursday, 12 August 2010

70.____Harvey Nic's we love you!

Harvey Nic's have made internet perusing a whole lot more interesting, including revealing their new ranges of cupcake and china, both of which I love!

Their Knightsbridge store have recently taken on Pudding Cook, creator of these gorgeous cupcakes.

The cakes which are £2.95 each are made by Rachel Nimenko, who is a former Chef de Partie at Edinburgh's Number One restaurant. If only they were dairy free! Might have to get The Boyfriend to sample one and report back when we go to London.

Harvey Nic's other new surprise is Blaue Blume China is magnificent and compliments their cupcakes brilliantly.

The wonderful Teacup & Saucer, I'm not a massive tea drinker but I could definitely be tempted by one of these.

What an amazing cake stand! Who wouldn't want a one?

The china is ranged between £15 and £128 which is a really reasonable price for such interesting pieces.

In other Harvey Nic's news, their new trends are amazing, and have already inspired a hole in my bank account!

I love the Erdem Adelpha Floral Dress, the Yves Saint Laurent pumps & the Lanvin choker.

The new minimalism trend is very chic and can be easily dressed up or down depending on whether it's teamed with jeans or heels.

I may splash out for the Marc by Marc Jacobs studs which are gorgeous, and the McQ scarf is definitely on my wishlist! It'd be perfect for our trip to Cornwall, it's more beach chic than English Riviera, but the glamour will be the same! Can't wait!

Wednesday, 11 August 2010


Inception is an amazing film, although I did spend most of it trying to work out what was actually happening, The Boyfriend loved it though, and as usual got it straight away. He pulled a face when I asked him to go see it again with me, have to wait for the DVD. I'm really pleased that it didn't jump on the 3D bandwagon like so many other films which have done so unnecessarily.

"You musn't be afraid to dream a little bigger darling"

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

68.___Sherlock Holmes

Benedict Cumberbatch as the new Sherlock Holmes, with Martin Freeman as his John Watson is wonderful, Sunday nights have never been so good. I love the way they show his thinking without a soliloquy, its a refreshing take on the classic character. Watson, especially is true to the books, he isn't a bumbling fool, but witty and intelligent in his own right.

I do know though, that a few people I know don't like it, and think that the programme is too similar to Dr Who, but with Stephen Moffat as one of the creators, I personally think that that is to be expected. All in all, the BBC have done it again, poor old ITV can't compete!

Monday, 9 August 2010

67.____Hugh Laurie - Do his talents never end?

Hugh Laurie has signed a record deal to make a CD of blues and jazz, I really hope that I'm not the only one who is excited by this. He's wonderful as house, and I can't wait to hear his music, which is being released in autumn! How exciting!

Image from

Sunday, 8 August 2010

66.____David Gandy

This guy is one good looking fellow!

He writes a brilliant blog on, he's interested in fashion, could he be better? He's written a really interesting response to this Guardian article on men's health and weight. It really does show that it's not only women who are body conscious, although as Mr Gandy raises, it may not be our only problem... 

Friday, 6 August 2010

65.____I heart my Barbour

The boyfriend treated me to a gorgeous Barbour jacket in April and I can't wait for it to be cool enough for me to wear it again. It's beautiful and so warm! We went to Edinburgh in April, which was lovely but freezing and I was toasty the entire time!

This is it, although, mine's in Navy. Image from