Wednesday, 24 February 2010

04.____The Art Of Procrastination...

Clearly, there's at least ten things that I should be doing right now, and writing this blog isn't one of them, but here you find me, typing away.

There's so many distractions these days, Facebook, Twitter, Blogging are just a few, don't get me wrong they're all brilliant at the right time, but when your deadline is tomorrow, they really aren't.

Getting out of bed this morning, you felt vaguely positive, here you have a full day where you don't have to be anywhere, no commitments, just time to get down to the pile of work which has been increasing while you hide it under your pile of Vogue magazines. Around you are mugs, shopping lists, printed out lecture slides, a filofax, your phone, all sorts of things which are there to inspire you, but the simple truth of it is, they don't.

Instead, what you really have your eye on is your laptop. No-one can take it away - a parent's nightmare quandary - clearly they need it do to homework, but they are also using it to watch iPlayer, listen to music and spend half their lives on Facebook. What's a parent to do? It's the same when you're a student, however the only one disciplining you is yourself, which doesn't quite work as me.

Its like when you know in the bottom drawer of your desk is a bar of chocolate, you know you shouldn't eat it, you definitely know you can wait until tea time, but it's calling your name, so you give in.

Except when the thing you give into is time, there's no way of going back, there's no gym you can go to to get rid of the extra chocolate, it's simply gone, and the pile of work is still building.

This was the position I was in... instead, I found myself on Ebay - as you do, just to look - the state of my bank balance is a constant feature in my mind, so just nosing around, I came across a vintage camera. A Kodak Retinette to be precise, and at the price it was, I bought it, I have a love of photography and vintage things, and this little camera brought the two together, so why not?

Isn't it beautiful?

Another thing I came across during my misspent time was Ellie Goulding, she's 23 and has a brilliant sound. I thoroughly recommend buying her album - and yes, buying - the old fashioned way, the one that involves a CD.

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