Sunday, 14 February 2010

02. ___ Valentines Day

I love both the film and the day.

Firstly, the film -

Was brilliant,very funny and it's one of those that you can actually go and see with your mum! But, if like me, you do go and see it with that someone special, it will make you smile and remember the good times and things that you thought you had forgotten.


The day!

I am very lucky to have that special person in my life, and maybe this Valentines Day wasn't spectacular, we had a spectacular weekend instead, today (valentines day) was perfect, a lazy day just the two of us :)

The only bit I didn't like was the saying goodbye part - we're living in different cities, which sucks but we're currently getting 2 lives in 2 different cities, which is great.

One city I love, and one city I don't.

Happy Valentines day darling x

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