Monday, 20 September 2010

84.___Cocktails at Fifteen

On The Boyfriends birthday we headed over to Jamie Oliver's Fifteen for cocktails which were lovely.

For the 6 of us we managed;
2 x Mojitos
3 x Damsonberry
1 x GT Turbo
1 x Cosmopolitan
1 x Fifteens amazing Dry Martini
2 x Fifteen Ice Tea

After being given a photocopy of the cocktail menu I can tell you that...

A Damsonberry (which is gorgeous by the way) is made of:
Fresh strawberries crushed with Tapatio Repasado Tequila (which we replaced with Vodka), Plymouth Damson Liqueur, lime juice and apple juice.

The Boyfriend and his brother braved the Ice Tea which consisted of...
Ketel One Vodka, Plymouth Gin, Havana Club Blanco, Tapatio Tequila and Cointreau shaken with their own home made cola and lime juice.

They only managed one each before returning to the old faithful beer!

The Cosmos looked great!

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