Sunday, 2 May 2010

07.____The 2010 General Election

The General Election is on Thursday, which, I think & definitely hope that everyone knows by now, especially those over 18. Most people that I've come across at least know, and after the obligatory pleasantries are interrogating you on who you're voting for or canvassing you on who you should vote for.

I'm a politics student, and to be honest, an under-active one in terms of party activity. Here there's the die hard Labour supporters, and, to be honest, it seems as though with some, there's a competition on who can be more 'working class'. Then there's the Tory's - mostly a bunch of people who you wouldn't expect, yes, there is the stereotypical 'Conservative' but mainly these are just normal people. Finally, there's the Lib Dems, this group of people, bless them, are like a 6 year old child, desperate to be heard and when they're not they shout about it.

To be honest, I don't know who I want to vote for yet, and I really do not feel comfortable with telling other people who they should vote for. At the same time though, I'm fed up of when even mentioning a party that others don't agree with I can get abuse or dirty looks

At the moment, our university emails, phones and facebook are clogged with pleas of help to 'get the message heard'. Surely, at 18/19, when a lot of those who are canvassing haven't seen a lot of the world, are the wrong people to be throwing there ideas in older peoples faces? I know it sounds harsh and perhaps a little hypocritical to say they haven't lived, but I'm 18 too, I can say that although I've seen a lot, I can acknowledge that I am only 18 and have a lot more to see.

People are supporting parties for the wrong reasons, or supporting them like a football team when really, it's the policies you should be choosing, not just the name.

As a friend said recently "When you vote it's a secret ballot, I don't tell you then, and I'm not telling you now."

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