Tuesday, 4 May 2010

11.____The Deep

One of the few things that Hull hosts is...

"The world's first submarium"

Basically, it's the only aquarium that you start at the top & work your way down. It over looks the Humber Estuary, which on the day we went was quite a nice view.

Apparently it boasts over 3500 different fish, I have to admit we saw a lot but maybe not that many. There was a Sword fish though...

Lots of Jelly fish, which paradoxically, terrify me in the sea but turned out to be my favourite thing that we saw.

Mini ones which I thought looked like mushrooms....

This one resembles a 'Man O War' but I'm pretty certain it isn't.

Plus lots of other things like coral and an octopus!

All in all, well worth the day out!

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