Tuesday, 11 May 2010

15.____British Politics described as "Lord of The Rings"

I found this on a Facebook Group and it's brilliant!

Labour: The kingdom of men, a vast and influential group. Known for their hardy nature and love of the common man.

Conservatives: The Elves, a large group who base their lives on traditional values.

Liberal Democrats: The Hobbits, a small group who have nice ideas. They can’t really compare to the other forces on an open front, but somehow they hold the fate of Middle-Earth.

UKIP: The Dwarves, a small group who are fiercely territorial and prefer to distance themselves from the rest of the world.

Green: The Ents. This one is pretty self explanatory…they’re trees…

Independent: The independent politicians are the mercenary leaders who sit around places like “The prancing pony” swapping courageous stories.

SNP, Sein Fein, Plaid Cymru: Easterlings and Haradrim, vaguely external political forces that frequently come to loggerheads with the other kingdoms of man.

Monster Raving Looney party: Tom Bombadil…enough said.

The eye of Sauron: Sauron is usually either China, Russia or Afghanistan depending on your own personal “nuclear threat” views.

Other important characters:

David Dimbleby: Gandalf (Think about it…it’s obvious)

The BBC: The white council, the wizards

All Credit to Luke Russel & http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=122846437741784&v=info 

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