Thursday, 22 July 2010


I think I'm a bit late to join the military boot bandwagon, I meant to, I really did but I genuinely thought that I'd look ridiculous, I'm about 5"2' and just didn't think they'd look right. Although, recently, the more I've seen them the more I wish I'd bought some sooner. Alas, I don't think I'll find any now, but I have found these, this is my wish list, as it's my birthday soon hopefully I'll be able to afford the Miss KG ones, fingers crossed.

These are my favourite, Taupe Skye ankle boots by Miss KG, £80.00, they do come in black too (as seen below) but I just can't help preferring these.

Topshop also do some great ones, which I might just be able to justify as it will be winter and I will be living further north than I'm used to....

These are the Acton Double Buckle Boots and are £65.00

These are the Ambrose Cuff Lace Up Boots and are also £65.00

I've also seen some nice ones in the Dune sale at £39.00 which I think is a bargain! So maybe they are a more realistic pair to go for.

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