Monday, 9 August 2010

67.____Hugh Laurie - Do his talents never end?

Hugh Laurie has signed a record deal to make a CD of blues and jazz, I really hope that I'm not the only one who is excited by this. He's wonderful as house, and I can't wait to hear his music, which is being released in autumn! How exciting!

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  1. I am excited. Be sure to post the name of it if you see it before me. I love blues and jazz and think he is awesome.

  2. I will do, I can't wait to get it (in the old fashioned way of buying a CD or... if they do it on vinyl!) Not sure what 'this autumn' means in the music business but hopefully it's soon!

  3. He's an amazing and very talented actor, so let's see if he's also a good singer. I'm looking forward to listen to his CD.

    Love dear xxx

  4. haven't you ever heard his music with the "Band from TV"? but yes, Hugh Laurie is really really talented guy..:) he is amazing as House, he was amazing in old British comedy and will continue to be amazing as whatever comes next..haha:)

    thanks for your comment on my blog..I like yours:)

  5. Hi Mar, He is, I can't wait for his album, hope you had a good weekend - Charlie x

    Hi Olof, I haven't no, but I will definitely look out for it! I love him in House, and I'm a huge fan of old British comedy! Thank you for the comment, and for liking my blog, hopefully it's interesting! Charlie x