Friday, 13 August 2010

71.____House of Fraser's New Trends

Having a nosey on HoF's website revealed their new trends for the season. Utilitarian and Artisan for ladies while Matt Smith is being celebrated as the English Eccentric for men's fashion.

I'm a fan of the soldier style coat but the rest I'm not too sure about, especially the shoes, I'm more of a delicate, classic shoe fan, where as they look almost as though they're not quite sure what they're trying to be. I do like the khaki colours though, it helps that the green/brown/beige suits me and goes with red hair.

This is a trend that I'm more a fan of, delicate pieces, silk dresses with a touch of the 1940s about it, I'm a massive scarf fan so I'm thrilled to be able to go shopping with a bigger range to choose from, as I imagining that everyone will be stocking them. Unfortunately I've tried the red lipstick and I look ridiculous, but then, you can't have everything, there's more colours to choose from! I'm loving the 'Lady of the Manor chic' idea, can't wait to have a play and see how it goes!

I loved Matt Smith as the Doctor, and there's something strangely appealing about him, and I'm so pleased the English Eccentric look is being celebrated. I love the quirky look, if only I can get The Boyfriend on the band wagon... He did buy a gorgeous mac (as in the coat not the computer) the other day so maybe we're getting there slowly!

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