Saturday, 14 August 2010

72.____Miss High Street [dot] com

Miss High Street is a really great website where normal people share their recent purchases and recommend whats new and worth a look on the British High Street. It's a brilliant idea by Hannah, the creator behind it, check her out here whilst the website is here - Here's my fashion bleater page, where I tell the world about what I've bought (that is if they've not read it on here, so apologies for any repeats!) Feel free to have a nosey on over, and create your own bleater!


  1. thanks for the visit, i SURE will have a good time at the festival. The XX and Marina & diamond are gonna be there, so i definitely WILL. ;)

    Wow, that website sounds interesting, i'll have to check it out asap..thaaanks for letting us all know bout such a great idea ;)