Tuesday, 19 October 2010

104.___French Connection Dresses

I've been looking at French Connection dresses, I was curious as whenever I go into the shop I can never find anything that I like, but there's a lot of dresses on here that I love, I really need a job now to afford some of these. I've managed to only bring 3 going out dresses up to Leeds & one of those the zip has recently broken on, so I'm thinking an investment is justified!

This is the Rebecca Beads Dress which is £140.00

Moonriver Moire Dress which is gorgeous but a tad extortionate at £225.00

Luxe Crepe Dress £130.00

Wizard Wonder Frill Dress £85.00

Ava Jersey Sleeveless Dress £75.00

Sukura Silk Maxi Dress £130.00 (which I really hope isn't too long cos I'm only 5"3!)

Gabriella Cotton Dress £120.00

Stella Silk Dress £170.00

Luxe Crepe Crossover Dress £140.00

These dresses are gorgeous, and have really pushed French Connection up in my opinion, I am definitely putting some of these on my Christmas list. All images from www.frenchconnection.com

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