Monday, 4 October 2010

92.____Topshop Make Up

So far, I've been really impressed with Topshop's make up range, I have the bronzer, the skin tint, a nail polish and a kohl pencil. The bronzer is brilliant, coming with stripes of different shades, so when they blend together it's the perfect shade, which can be lightened/darkened for day or night. The skin tint is a lovely treat when you're not feeling as perky as you ought, giving the skin a lift of light. The Kohl is great, it stays on all day, and comes off with ease when using make up wipes or eye make up remover. Whilst the nail polish is my day wear polish, it's a very pale pink which is perfect for the day and is suitable to wear to work, it lasted a week before chipping - that's without top or bottom coats too!

So, when I heard that Topshop are releasing a new range, I got very excited, they're calling it 'Heavy Duty'. It's very dark - my perfect range really, as I'm more of an eyes than lips girl, as I've had anaphylaxis from a lip balm, I avoid using lip glosses and lip sticks generally.

This is the image which Topshop posted on their blog - I can't wait for it to hit the stores, and is the perfect accessory to AW10.

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