Monday, 25 October 2010

110.____Topshop Pants

I am a huge fan of Topshop's pants, and I'm a bit of a Christmas freak, I'm excited already! Plus, I've started planning presents, shopping and made my Christmas card list (I know it's a tad premature!). Last weekend, The Boyfriend & I were shopping, and I stumbled across these gorgeous pants in Topshop, which made my week. They're adorable!

They each have specific days embroidered into them, and the sweet little bag they come in has 'Festive Fancies' sewn into it. The set is £14.00, but with student discount it makes it a tad more reasonable. 

Image from Topshop 


  1. Wow, these look fabaroony!
    and AMEN to being a Christmas-Freak ;D :L xxx

  2. They are amazing! I really can't wait for Christmas now, I hope you're getting excited now the coca-cola adverts are out :)! xxx