Monday, 1 November 2010

114.____Zara Accessories

After an evening of avoiding essays, I stumbled upon the accessories section of Zara's website, most of the products on there would be lovely gifts, however, these two are my out & out favourites.

I'm in need of some gloves, and these fingerless ones are perfect as I have an iPhone which I've discovered I can't use with gloves on (touch screen & heat sensitivity and all that jazz). These are Zara's Knitted Mittens with Leather Details & are £19.99, I can't quite decide which colour I like best, I'm leaning towards the pale blue. They remind me of 1950s driving gloves and are oh so decadent.

I'm also in need of a new purse as mine decides to undo itself in every possible way in my handbag leaving me with coins strewn all over the place, a nightmare when you're in a shop with a huge queue behind you. I'm very much quintessentially English in that way, that I get embarrassed in these situations so I've taken to using a Jack Wills purse snap purse, which also doesn't quite fit the bill.

These two are gorgeous, mock vintage, which I love, I think I prefer the peach coloured one, Zara call them 'Hard Case Purse with Vintage Print" and it sells at £19.99 too.

Both of these are really reasonably priced, I can see myself heading toward Zara in the near future...a night out or some new gloves....?

Images from Zara's website.

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