Wednesday, 3 November 2010

116.____Jack Wills

After having a brilliant time on the Jack Wills website looking through, more comprehensively than I have before to bring you a list of the best pieces on the site, here is what I've come up with.
I love these gloves, especially because they are impossible to loose being on a string! The Broadley Gloves £24.00
This is my favourite style of purse, I'm desperate for a new one, although a little bird has told me that I have one coming from Santa so I've not been able to buy one, if I had, this would have been on my list - The Newbridge Wallet £24.00
I love this bag, the Crosby Leather Bag, however at £249.00, from a 'University Outfitters' it is a bit out of most of their clientele's price range, mine included.
I love this onesie, it's fantastic! Although, I can't really justify the Shelderton All-In-One at £69.00.
This Halfpenny Slouch Henley looks perfect for winter layering, and, will last long enough to pay off it's £44.00 price tag.

These headbands are perfect for the gym and bad hair days, and at £4.50 are really reasonable.

This is the Walters Gym Bag, which I am itching to own, as I do frequent a gym, which is my way of justifying buying it! It's quite reasonable compared to the Stella McCartney for Adidas range, at £39.00

This is the gorgeous Icenworth Bikini, which I'd love to have in preparation for my next non-existant holiday, but unfortunately Jack Wills bra sizes are rather small. The top is £34.00 with the pants being  £19.00
These are the lovely Darwen Waistband Lounge pants which just look so comfy, I'd love some for cosy winter nights at £49.00

I love this Tayport Classic Fit shirt, it reminds me of The Boyfriends shirts, but will actually flatter me rather than drown me, £59.00, there's a range of colours, but these two are my favourite.

This Hartley Tea Dress £69.00 can be dressed up or down, making it perfect for the Christmas season.

Springholme Tee £34.00

Ansley Tee £29.00

Woodhall Slouch Tee £29.00

Chatton Tee £34.00

Ellerbeck Henley Boytank £24.00

Blakemere Shrunken Rugby £59.00

Hailsham Top £49.00
I actually own this Kirkbridge Classic Gillet £98.00, it is the warmest 'outerwear' I have ever worn!

Farnworth Hoodie £54.00

Farnworth Hoodie £54.00

Wimbourne Hoodie £69.00
As you can probably tell I like hoodies, and these three are the best ones on the website.

 Corrbridge Boyfriend Sweat Pant £59.00
Ashover Classic Sweat Pant £49.00

Aldsworth Cardigan £59.00

Gatenby Polo £49.00

All in all this list would set you back £1432.50 which is rather a lot, and not really justifiable. I love the Jack Wills products, but I'd advise to buy one or two key pieces and not to go all out wardrobe, unless of course money is not option, if that's the case, feel free to splurge!

Images from Jack Wills

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