Monday, 15 November 2010

125._____V&A Series - Books

After my trip to the V&A in September and with a bit of inspiration from Jazzabelle's Diary I decided to raid through their online shop & post my favourite things from it. It's an amazing shop, with gifts for everyone you can possibly imagine, plus so many beautiful things I'd love to own that are getting permanently superglued onto my wishlist until I can afford them or santa decides to help.

All of these books would look great on a coffee table and I really hope to add them to my collection one day, shows a bit of culture, and lets The Boyfriend understand what I'm babbling about!

Not technically a book, but I'm a huge fan of penguin classics and this set of 100 postcards features iconic book covers from their huge range of books. On sale for £14.99

Scott Schuman is a genius, a simple people spotter who found fashion under his nose in New York, documenting it in his book and website, selling at £19.99

Having visited the Alhambra in Granada, Spain, the architecture and art is beautiful and this book is the perfect reminder of a great time. £30.00

I actually own this book after visiting the brilliant Grace Kelly exhibition in September, its a great book that tells the story of Grace Kelly as well as including photos of her in her most iconic outfits. £19.99

I'd love to read this, purely out of curiosity and a love of fashion, £24.99

Kenzo recently celebrated 40 years in fashion, and this book is the perfect accompaniment to find out more about the fashion house, £48.00

This catalogue features highlights from the Royal College of Art's fashion show, a great way to see the new talent and learn the names to keep an eye on, £5.00

I love the Keep Calm and Carry On posters, I have a great vintage war poster at home, I love them because they don't mean to be funny or amusing and were made with a serious point to get across. This is a book of stellar advice to get you through the hard times, £4.99

I also love Leonardo Da Vinci, his talent never ceases to amaze me, he was a master of so many things that I couldn't even begin to attempt. I'd love to read this book, and find out more about this incredibly intelligent man, £35.00

This lady is amazing. She's from the midlands like me, and is a redhead so I have a sort of affinity there, although I doubt that it will get me a discount anytime soon! I would like to own this book though, after seeing and reading numerous things about this remarkable lady, I'd like to know more. £19.99

I love spying into other people's lives and this book is the perfect way to find out various 'big names' favourite dresses and a sneaky look into their wardrobes. £29.50

I love Grace Kelly, she was such a glamorous and dignified lady, this book documents her life in Hollywood, £8.99

Dior. There's not a lot of words to describe the fashion house that don't include, inspired, sublime, amazing etc, this book tells the story of Christian Dior and his baby £19.99

I thought I'd throw this one in for The Boyfriend, and for Little Brother, so I can keep them both on the fashionable road, and I'd like to know more about mens fashion as I don't seem to make as much of an effort on that front as I do with women's. £9.99

All books available here, where the images are from.

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