Friday, 5 November 2010

118.___Aubin & Wills

My Jack Wills post led me to do an Aubin & Wills post, Jack Wills big sister, think Abercrombie & Fitch - Hollister relationship, except that Aubin & Wills actually markets itself at university graduates, no longer being the "University Outfitters" instead being "Second To None" and "Exclusively For The Discerning". If you thought Jack Wills prices were steep, Aubin & Wills will draw a sharp intake of breath!

Sandford Zip Pouch £12

Nottington Pillowcase £19

Kemble Zip Pouch £12

Hawkhurst Hat £39

Attingham Travel Bag £349

Cuckmere Pant £14

Staplehurst Vest reduced from £19 to £14.25
I've had a vest from Aubin & Wills sale before & it's brilliant, lasts wash after wash and is really comfy!

Stanshawes Tee reduced from £34 to £25.50

Stanshawes Tee reduced from £34 to £25.50

Firle Crew reduced from £69 to £51.75

Wellfield Shirt reduced from £59 to £44.25

Waterfield Vest £79

Storridge Military Coat £598

Wickwar Military Cape reduced from £398 to £298.50
Images from Aubin & Wills

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