Tuesday, 16 November 2010

126.____V & A Series Fashion & Accessories

Part two of my V & A series, Fashion & Accessories, there's a lot gorgeous pieces in this section, and they are mostly really reasonably priced. These too would make brilliant Christmas presents, and are also on my ever growing wishlist!

This is the Green Spot Sunglasses Case adapted from a fabric designed by Joyce Badrocke for Horrockses Fashions in the 1950s, which I could really do with as I don't have a case for my beautiful bargain Oscar De La Renta sunglasses. £14.00

Kimono laptop skin for a 13" laptop, I really like this but I'd be worried to stick it on my baby, so it's staying in the maybe pile. £22.00

This though, I do love, the Kimono iPhone Case, which coincidentally would fit my phone and make a cultured change from the bright pink case that's on it now. £12.00

These are what sparked this series of posts, Jazzabelle's Diary tweeted about these cute labels, which can be sewn into clothes, I'd love to do this but I'm an awful sewer and I like my clothes too much to massacre them! £5.00

The perfect stocking filler for someone you're not quite sure what to buy, this cute heart shaped keyring, £8.00

For the 'cool' man in your life, this adorable air mail themed wallet, £15.00

I absolutely love this headband, I just wish it wasn't red as it wouldn't show up in my hair! £12.00

My nickname used to be strawberry smoothy so I love anything with a strawberry on, and this purse is perfect if not slightly impractical, £6.00

I'd love to have this handy reference book, 'The Dictionary of Dress' full of pictures and interesting things to read! £25.00

These are adorable and I really want them! They're £2.50

Jazzabelle's Diary also tweeted about this gorgeous notebook, which has also gone straight to the top of my list, all I need to do now is meet her so I can put her in it! £9.00

I love this scarf, it has the London Skyline on it, I'd love to own it, but I think I'll have to wait as it's £150.00!

I think this News Clutch Bag is amazing and would go perfectly with a LBD, I just have to find an LBD now! £45.00

As you may have read I also have a penchant for Union Jacks, and this scarf is a gorgeous understated version of them; £30.00

This is the Blackberry version of the iPhone skin, and part of me does prefer the colours of this one, although, alas it won't fit on my phone, but it would go perfectly on my flatmates BB. £12.00

I've been looking for a new laptop case/bag which is a little more jazzy than my dull khaki green one, plus it fits my little 13" MacBook, hopefully I'll invest in it soon! £15.00

Once again all images are from the V & A shop website & all products are available to buy here

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